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The Butz Approach

The Butz approach features many techniques to improve project quality, speed and economy. Clients have found the following to be especially beneficial:

Facilitating the flow of information among the project team members eliminates misunderstandings.

Achieving the formation of an effective project team, itemizing priorities, establishing conflict resolution procedures and providing relevant evaluation methods markedly enhance the project team's ability to deliver a superior quality product on time at a reliable cost.

Accurate Cost Estimating 
Providing the construction team with accurate estimates, from the very beginning of the design process, ensures that the Architect's design and the Client's budget are compatible.

Value Engineering 
By exploring and evaluating alternative materials and systems, Butz can generate important cost saving or quality - enhancing suggestions.

Critical Path Scheduling 
Butz is a leader in the utilization of state of the art computerized critical path scheduling. By instituting it at the beginning of the design process, invaluable savings in time are achieved.

Virtual Construction Technology 
Butz has been providing virtual construction solutions for its customers for over ten years - long before commercial applications for Building Information Modeling were available.  Web cams, project-specific web sites, and electronic shop drawing and submittal processing, document distribution and team correspondence are standard VCT applications with Butz.

Guaranteed Maximum Price 
Butz can guarantee a total project cost before the design is completed. That prevents the disastrous condition in which final bids come in substantially over budget.

Because the overall maximum price is guaranteed, Butz can, if the Client desires, begin on-site construction while the architect's design continues. The reduction in project duration is enormous.

Competitive Bidding 
Butz's unique approach provides the construction team with a level of competitive bidding that is unattainable any other way.

Full Responsibility 
Butz assumes all the responsibilities formerly given to the general contractor. That includes on-site supervision, performance of the work, payment of the subcontractors, and a guarantee of materials and workmanship.

Fixed Fee 
Butz works for a negotiated fixed fee. It is included in the Guaranteed Maximum Price, and constitutes no extra cost to the project. It replaces, and is usually significantly less than, a general contractor's mark-up.

Return of Savings 
Usually, the Butz approach generates savings in overall project cost below the Guaranteed Maximum Price. Many times those savings have been very substantial... and Butz returns 100% of the savings to the Client.

Butz employs a full-time Safety Director to ensure employee safety, reduce costs, and minimize Clients' liability.  It is the policy of Alvin H. Butz, Inc. to conduct all operations with a maximum amount of planning and care with respect to the issue of safety.  Every project we manage is performed with the goal of eliminating personal injury and property damage.  No phase of our operations or administration is, or will be, considered more important than accident prevention.

Recently, Butz experienced its sixth Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) inspection of the year.  The inspection, which occurred at the ArtsQuest Center at Steelstacks was a general inspection focusing on fall and electrocution hazards.  Thanks to the safety efforts of our project team and the cooperation of our subcontractors the inspection was a success resulting in zero citations. 

Quality Control 
Monthly, Butz evaluates the performance of every subcontractor and every supplier on every project to insure that Butz obtains the highest quality workmanship and puts the best subcontractors on its Client's projects.

Program Management 
Butz has applied its CM approach to program management, taking care of an owner's needs from start to finish. Whether its a complex product built in phases, campus environment or multi-site facilities, Butz can effectively manage an owner's design/construction/maintenance program and achieve cost savings through continuous coordination and economies of scale.

The Butz Approach to Construction Management is Unique 
Butz has successfully applied its Construction Management approach to hundreds of millions of dollars worth of projects. The reason for this success is that the company is staffed with the best qualified people in the industry. It has a nucleus of professional engineers, architects, and project managers, and a cadre of unmatched field superintendents. Each project manager is held directly accountable for the complete management and direction of his Client's project - from estimating, value engineering, scheduling, and bidding, to field supervision, quality control, financial status reporting, and the punch list.

The total dedication of its people is what makes Alvin H. Butz, Inc. genuinely different.



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