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Alvin H. Butz, Inc. Announces New Tenant and Expansion in Allentown

Allentown, PA, May 17, 2013 . . . Alvin H. Butz, Inc. announces new developments, partnerships and technology that will further drive the economic and urban revitalization efforts in downtown Allentown.

As part of a recently solidified joint venture partnership between Butz, Think Loud Development and United Fiber & Data (UFD), UFD will officially call downtown Allentown “home” to their new regional Sales Headquarters.

UFD will occupy 10,000 square feet of a new, 10-story mixed-use building at the Butz Corporate Center (BCC Phase 3) with 3 levels of parking, 4 levels of office space and 3 levels of apartments/condominiums on the upper floors. In the interim, UFD will be occupying space on the second floor of Phase 2 of the Butz Corporate Center.

In addition to UFD's space, there will be approximately 30,000 square feet of office space available for lease. Phase 3 of the BCC is anticipated to create approximately 150 new jobs in the city. Phase 1 brought 200 jobs to downtown, and the nearly complete Phase 2 is anticipated to bring 150 jobs. The firm intends to break ground by spring 2014 with completion scheduled for spring 2015 when UFD will move from Phase 2 to their permanent headquarters in the addition. Alvin H. Butz, Inc. will construct the third phase of the building, and Roberson Butz Architects will design it.

UFD held its official launch, presented by Think Loud Development, on February 28 and announced plans to construct a brand new, 400-mile fiber optic network that was strategically designed to bypass single points of failure between New York City and northern Virginia. UFD also announced that plans were underway for four new data centers to be located in York, Allentown, Reading and Lancaster, in addition to a Corporate Headquarters based in York.

"We believe that a city's worth can be measured by the vitality of the surrounding community," says Bill Hynes, Founder and member of the Board of Directors for UFD and CEO of Think Loud Development. "We want our enthusiasm for what we are doing to be contagious - we want our communities to grow. Through our projects, our intent is to fuel positive change. We are fortunate to have found a partner in the Butz family who maintains that same level of passion and personal commitment to the redevelopment of this city."

Phase 2 of the BCC had long been planned, however it wasn't until the partnership with Think Loud Development and UFD that the Butz' were able to realize a Phase 3. "Together with UFD and Think Loud, we are able to create something spectacular in downtown Allentown," says Greg L. Butz, president and CEO of Alvin H. Butz, Inc. "When my brother, Eric, and I decided to build our headquarters in the downtown in 2005, we had hoped to be the catalysts for additional private development in the city. It didn't happen as quickly as we had hoped, but we are thrilled to see the level of activity happening in Allentown today and are proud to join Think Loud and UFD in continual investment. The founding partners of Think Loud have a very similar philosophy to urban revitalization as our family. We will be looking at additional opportunities to work together on projects in Allentown; this is just the start."


ABOUT ALVIN H. BUTZ, INC. AND THE BUTZ FAMILY OF COMPANIES: The Butz Family of Companies, consisting of Alexander Building Construction Co., Alvin H. Butz, Inc. and Shoemaker Construction Co., provides exceptional, comprehensive construction management and design/build services, led by a strong commitment to complete customer satisfaction with special attention to safety, quality and value. The firm possesses significant experience in the construction of healthcare facilities, colleges/universities, corporate office buildings, manufacturing facilities, sports and entertainment venues, government buildings, K-12 schools and retail buildings serving Pennsylvania, New Jersey and northern Delaware.

ABOUT THINK LOUD DEVELOPMENT: Founded in 2011 by CEO Bill Hynes and three of the original members of the multi-platinum band +LIVE+ Chad Taylor, Patrick Dahlheimer and Chad Gracey - Think Loud has quickly established itself as a market leader in commercial land, lease and development projects that serve to enhance culture, civic pride and environment. With 450,000 square feet in ongoing construction, the company is drastically impacting the local communities of York, Allentown and Reading, Pennsylvania with more than $50 million in current investments.

The internationally celebrated musical offerings of +LIVE+ have impacted the lives of over 60 million music fans. Having performed for more than 16 million concert attendees, selling over 22 million albums throughout their career, +LIVE+ has earned global recognition and become one of the most successful and influential bands to emerge from the 90's music scene. Accolades include "Rock Artist of the Year" by SPIN, Rolling Stone and Billboard.



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