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Moravian Village and Alvin H. Butz, Inc. Complete New Bistro

Allentown, PA, July 28, 2015 . . . Construction recently reached completion on the new Bistro and Healthcare Delivery Kitchen at Moravian Village in Bethlehem, PA. Alvin H. Butz, Inc., a Butz Family Company, was the construction manager on the project. A ribbon cutting ceremony was held today to commemorate the opening of the bistro.

The bistro, named The Upper Deck, is the second phase of a three-phase expansion at Moravian Village. Phase I was a Gallery connecting the apartment building to the Healthcare Center. Phase III will include a performing arts center.

"We are very excited to be opening The Upper Deck dining venue, featuring a variety of healthy gourmet options to our residents, their families and guests. Equally, if not more impressive, is the state-of-the-art production kitchen that is designed to provide health and healing to the residents of our healthcare center through nutrition." said David Roth, CEO."We are incredibly pleased with the outcome of the project and are thankful to the team at Butz who made sure all of our project goals were met. They were always attentive to our residents and made sure the project was not an inconvenience to them at any time."

The new venue is designed to accommodate approximately 50 people, including ADA and wheelchair components. It will offer a non-formal dining atmosphere and will be available to all Moravian Village residents and their guests. Once the performing arts center is completed, the venue will also be used as the receiving area for various events.

The kitchen is designed to serve the healthcare center residents, whether they are in their rooms or in the dining rooms. The kitchen will play an integral role in Moravian Village's upcoming service-style meal delivery system, which will allow for better nutrition by offering tailored meals that fit the individual residents' needs. The delivery system will serve:

  • Personal Care residents
  • Apartment residents
  • Cottage residents

The Upper Deck bistro was named as such in honor of the ship Irene, a 1700s vessel owned by the Moravian church which sailed across the Atlantic Ocean 24 times, carrying settlers from Europe to North America in their pursuit of freedom, liberty and a new way of life.

The new dining venue will be a critical addition to Moravian Village, as it will add variety to the lives of the residents.

"Dining in the same venue every day of each year can become quite monotonous. In a senior living setting, it is extremely important to provide every resident with changes of scenery, socialization and activities to promote vitality. Loneliness can lead to more serious health related issues," said Brandi Nobles, Director of Dining and Wellness Services. "At Moravian Village, we provide our residents with a safe environment, many activities, and venues for socialization. The Upper Deck will be an additional area to gather with friends and family while enjoying a wide variety of savory and healthy meals in an environment showcasing the historical significance of Bethlehem's settlers."

"Butz is pleased to have worked on a project that has left such a positive impact on Moravian Village's administration, staff and - most importantly - residents," said Greg L. Butz, President and CEO of Alvin H. Butz, Inc. "Two of the qualities that make our firm unique is our commitment to community and our steadfast dedication to complete client satisfaction. This project was especially rewarding because we achieved both of those goals and formed a long-lasting relationship with the residents as well as the staff at Moravian Village."

Construction began in August of 2015, taking just under one year to complete.


ABOUT ALVIN H. BUTZ, INC. AND THE BUTZ FAMILY OF COMPANIES: The Butz Family of Companies, consisting of Alexander Building Construction Co., Alvin H. Butz, Inc. and Shoemaker Construction Co., provides exceptional, comprehensive construction management and design/build services, led by a strong commitment to complete customer satisfaction with special attention to safety, quality and value. The firm possesses significant experience in the construction of healthcare facilities, colleges/universities, corporate office buildings, manufacturing facilities, sports and entertainment venues, government buildings, K-12 schools and retail buildings serving Pennsylvania, New Jersey and northern Delaware.

ABOUT MORAVIAN VILLAGE:  Moravian Village of Bethlehem is a residential retirement community in the Lehigh Valley. Our residents and patients are the founders of this community and cared for by dedicated, compassionate professionals in a warm and caring environment. Our purpose is to enrich the lives of everyone we touch by embracing and encouraging the distinctive qualities of our residents and employees, and by interacting with faith communities and the wider community to offer enrichment through leadership, educational, cultural and supportive programs.



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